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Throughout History Our Wise Elders Contributed Substantially to Humanity

Throughout recorded history, tribes and societies who have thrived and contributed substantially to advances in human thought in the arts, culture, science, medicine, governance and conscious evolution of the human spirit have honored the wisdom and experience of their elders and benefited enormously from it.

We're All Facing a Very Challenging Time on Our Planet

Unfortunately, at this very challenging time on our planet, this time some have called the ‘turning point’ and others ‘the tipping point’; this time when the very existence of our habitat is being threatened, when economic decisions are trumping good judgment and common sense; when the private agendas and interests of the few threaten the common good of the many, we in the West and, particularly here in the United States, are denying some of history’s most valuable lessons and marginalizing our elders

And You Will Be Better Prepared for the Future

This Elder-Corps Free Global Wisdom Summit launches a life-learning and world-wide service initiative for people over 50 and young people who want to better prepare for the future. This powerful information is designed to re-ignite an awareness of history’s most essential lessons, build bridges of understanding between generations and honor the wisdom and experience elders bring and the need to include these gifts in the critical decision making of our time.

An Evolutionary Idea Who's Time Has Come

Wisdom Summit Logo 2The Global Wisdom Summit is an evolutionary idea whose time has come and the upgrade offerings explored on this site offers you the opportunity to participate in intimate and inspiring dialogues with 30 gifted wisdom keepers who share their valuable insights, perspectives, recommendations and deeply felt and well-earned guidance.

Here's What You Will Learn When You Order the Upgrade Package from the Global Wisdom Summit

  • The role of intimacy in healing your life and your relationships
  • The importance of the new normal and the power of resilience
  • The hero’s journey and its power to transform us and the world
  • The gift of uncovering your genius in your life
  • The value of finding a true and meaningful religion of one’s own
  • The need for Earth based wisdom in meeting the challenges of our time
  • The need to build new forms of global community based on cooperation and collaboration
  • The value of building bridges of understanding across generations
  • The indisputable value of becoming who you were born to be
  • The importance of letting your intuition guide you to greater fulfillment and flow
  • The importance of taking risks and the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • The understanding that it’s never too soon or too late to live your dream
  • The value of the law of divine compensation and surrender
  • The healing value of working in support of the greater good
  • The path of wisdom and its role in recovering from addiction
  • The path warriors can take to heal the wounds of war
  • The essential keys to reducing stress in a hyper-world
  • The need to reclaim our spiritual voices as citizens and heal the soul of the world
  • The path to eliminating illusions and misconceptions about God
  • The significance of lighting the flame of peace, passion and bliss
  • The importance of listening to and honoring the wisdom of the earth
  • The journey to explore ‘one mind’ and why it matters
  • The path to conscious evolution
  • The gift of understanding the inner revolution
  • The essential impact diet has on your life and your well-being
  • The reasons to explore a return to love
  • The importance of understanding the wisdom of indigenous cultures
  • The difference between dying and walking on
  • The way to move from pain to passion
  • The significance of understanding the turning point
  • The path to learning to understand and to love your enemies
  • The essential reasons to explore the new economy as a path to a sane world
  • The freedom of following one’s breath to greater consciousness
  • The importance of understanding the power of integration and wholeness
  • The path to honoring the mind. body, spirit connection
  • The difference between information and knowledge, knowledge and wisdom
  • The difference between believing and knowing
  • The incredible importance of present moment awareness
  • The essential value of learning to make peace with and celebrate aging
  • The importance of fascination and curiosity as keys to your dreams
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The 30 Inspiring Conversations with Our Global Wisdom Keepers You Have Lifetime Access to When You Upgrade


“Answer the call to transform yourself and the world.” This message, one that Jean Houston has been sharing with us in so many different ways lies at the heart of this program. During this inspiring hour, Jean shares some wonderful stories from her remarkable childhood, her encounters with some of the extraordinary men and women who helped shape her life, Tilard de Chardin, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt and others. She also talks about her books and takes us on a brief journey that shows us all how the beloved story, The Wizard of Oz has the power to reveal the Hero’s Journey that awaits each of us and serves as a doorway through which we can create a new Second Destiny that will both inspire and enrich each of our lives.

THOMAS MOORE WEBIn this program Thomas Moore explores a number of the highly relevant and life probing themes that have been interwoven in his best-selling books, Care of the Soul and Soul Mates. In his thoughtful and heartfelt style he also share about his life, his journeys of discovery a subject that is destined to make A Religion of One’s Own another spiritual classic. “This program is for people who sincerely want a life of deep personal meaning in the modern world and who are interested in exploring their own paths to a transcendent life.”

SONIA CHOQUETTEIn this special program Sonia Choquette, dynamic spiritual teacher and best-selling author, will lead you on a journey to explore one of your greatest and most powerful gifts, your intuition. You will learn how it can guide you to a life of greater joy and flow, an intuitively guided, Spirit-driven life.   Inspiring stories, practical exercises and rituals, visualizations, and journaling questions all designed to place your intuition at the helm and in the heart of your daily life. She will also share details about a personal journey that led her from heartbreak to healing.

GEORGE AND SEDENAIn this engaging, inspiring and transformative program for ‘people who weren’t born yesterday’, healthcare and life care professionals, individuals who work in other age-related government and private sector organizations, and younger people who want to know more about the future and better prepare for it, George and Sedena remind us that we are never too old or too young to live our dreams and to remember the power and resources we have to meet the challenges and capitalize on remarkable opportunities that lie ahead. Based on their book Do Not Go Quietly that wise woman Jean Houston describes the book as, “Profound, compassionate and deeply useful;” and Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith says, “Offers invaluable insights into one of the most vital subjects of our time,” this program will touch your heart and inspire your mind.

GAIL SHEEHYIn this inspiring program, poignant and revelatory program, pioneering investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author of 17 books, Gail Sheehy gives listeners insights into her remarkable life and shares with us the transformative power of advice on daring she received from her mother. She also explores, Daring: My Passages, her new book in which she discloses some of the most startling scenes of her extraordinary life – from dodging bullets on Bloody Sunday in Ireland, to discovering how PM Margaret Thatcher used her sex appeal to help end the Cold War and her own stirring romance and years of creative care-giving for New York magazine creator Clay Felker. Threading personal narrative with 50 years of public history, Gail offers a fascinating window into how daring propelled her life beyond fear, and can propel yours too. As Gail says - “When I fear, I dare. I dare you to dream dangerously, and act confidently.”  

GREGG BRADENIn this engaging program Gregg Braden shares some of the eye-opening and hope-evolving discoveries he has made as a result of his travels to remote monasteries and his exploration of forgotten texts of the ancient world. He talks about how these experiences have contributed to his articulation of the ‘turning point’, this remarkable time in our personal lives and in collective history when every crisis can become transformation, when simply surviving can become joyous thriving.” In this dynamic, thought and heart opening, program, Gregg helps us to better understand that the challenges we face, individually and collectively, that are showing us that we’ve outgrown the thinking of the past, that these changes in our world mean big changes in our lives and he offers some keys and strategies to thrive in the midst of the transformation.

MICHAEL MEADE WEBIn this program, Michael Meade, one of the most captivating and gifted story tellers of our time, explores some of the ways each of us can overcome the modern world-view that would have us thinking that each person is an accidental occurrence in an accidental universe, rather than that each person enters the world with unique gifts and a life purpose waiting to be discovered.  Weaving his anthropological magic he introduces us to the world of Fate and Destiny, talks about the critical role elders have played in every successful society in history and how current practices and beliefs – exercised both by those of us who are aging as well as by society as a whole – are contributing to the marginalization of our elders. He also talks candidly about the path that he has followed and using myth and stories shows us how genius – the genius we all have – can awaken our imagination and inspirations and allow us to expand rather than diminished at every stage of our lives and particularly as we age.

MARIANNE WILLIAMSONIn this very inspiring program, Marianne Williamson, who has taught millions around the world the simple yet profound lesson that have helped them tap into the divine within themselves and lead a happier, more fulfilled existence, talks about her life, some of the influences that led her to her path, as well as several of her books and her recent engagement in another of her passions – politics and the role of consciousness in governance. Join her as she reminds us that how we think determines how we live. And that when we change our thoughts, when we put our best self-forward, when pray from that deep and true place in our hearts, the universe responds, actively helping us to live more abundant, creative and, above all, love-filled lives.

CONNIE BUFFALOIn this eye and heart opening program, Connie Buffalo invites us into the world of her childhood as a member of the Chippewa tribe and introduces us to the underlying traditions and practices that lie at the foundation of her ancestral heritage and that continue to this day to give her a deep and profound sense of strength and guidance as moves through her life and touches the lives of many. With outstanding clarity and yet without judgment, Connie compares and contrasts the differences between this ancient wisdom and some of the practices and beliefs which motivate life in Western cultures.   She tells us about the role elders play in her tradition and shares an inspiring story of a friend’s passage from this life, what she and the members of the Chippewa tribe call “walking on” and how this experience can inform and fundamentally transform our views on aging and dying in the West

ROGER TEELEngaging, informative and relevant are just three of many words that describe this wonderful program during which Dr. Teel, the spiritual director of Mile Hi, the largest New Thought church in the country, talks about how every moment, experience and person can be an opportunity and opening to discover the spiritual laws that help us all to live more powerfully, lovingly and happily. Using his new book, This Life Is Joy, as a blueprint, Dr. Teel leads us on a journey that begins with a fable and then shows us how seven spiritual principles and nine portals of transformation can inspire and guide us to live a life of greater loving, consciousness, oneness and mastery.

CAROLYN MYSSIn this program, this internationally renowned pioneer in energy medicine, shares her special brand of spiritual insight and intuition, to explore her innovative work that has helped hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to meet the lifelong challenge of managing their spiritual energy and improving their lives. With characteristic originality and honesty, Caroline talks about her live and explains how we become channels for divine grace and a conduit for miracles through kind, compassionate, generous actions, or, as she calls them, invisible acts of power. “When we act compassionately,” she says, “without a private agenda or expectation of credit or reward, God works invisibly, anonymously through us. And as we move from visible acts, such as giving a friend a helping hand, to invisible acts, such as prayer and healing, we undergo a profound journey of personal empowerment.”

BARBARA MARX HUBBARDIn this program, this remarkable woman about who Buckminster Fuller once said, “There is no doubt in my mind that Barbara Marx Hubbard – who helped introduce the concept of futurism to society – is the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced” shares her wisdom and guidance. She talks about the changing nature of feminine consciousness, the roles men and women can play as elders and co-creators of a new world. She also introduces us to the 52 Codes For Conscious Evolution and this messenger of hope reminds us that “We are gathered here together as a deep communion of pioneering souls from every race, nation and religion who experience within ourselves the emergence of a Universal Human, a co-creator of new worlds.”

JOHN GRAYThis engaging dialogue the man who has helped more men and woman understand their relationship partners, improve their communication and lead more fulfilling and satisfying relationships than any other relationship expert in the world, give us a look at the man behind the work, at his relationship and also at what could have been a debilitating illness and how it has led him to not only heal himself, but to unearth a treasure trove of vital and practical information and guidance for people of all ages who suffer from stress and what is called ‘hyper-activity or AHDH, in the modern world.   John talks about the fact that although we live “in a paradise hardly dreamed possible by our great grandparents,” we still suffer because we are living in a world where misinformation and toxicity, often the result of the medications we take, the pollutants in our environment and the food we consume. This is a very valuable and informative program for people committed to living lives of greater health and happiness.

CAROL FLAK CHAPMANFor anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one and particularly elders who are seeking new ways of healing, this program with Carol Flake Chapman, the author of the new book Written in Water: A Memoir of Love, Death and Mystery, will be essential. As a former academic and a veteran journalist schooled in skepticism, Dr. Chapman shares her confrontation with the parts of herself that were resistant to the healing qualities in the Sacred Web of Nature and the discoveries she made about possibilities for transcending resistance and opening to grace. She talks about finding "necessary angels" along her pilgrimage of healing, and talks about what she calls the process of Slow Grief to heal her wounded heart. Do synchronicities join hands with grief to form a healing pattern? Are we being called to a larger perspective through these challenging moments? Dr. Chapman answers a resounding "Yes!"

DEENA METZGERIn 1977 Deena Metzger had breast cancer. As a young women she embraced the potential in this difficult experience and became a leading voice in connecting with the Divine Feminine. In this rich and inspiring conversation she leads us to Africa where she learned an ancient form of council and the wisdom inherent in this form of communication. As a poet, novelist, and master storyteller Deena pulls us into expanded places both in ourselves and with each other. In conversation with her, you will enter your own story in a new and potentially beautiful way. And most significantly, to consider how the last chapters can be manifested in such a way that you really count.

LESTER BROWNFor decades, Lester Brown, founder of Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute and one of the foremost environmental leaders of our time, has tracked global trends in ecology, food production, weather, and economy and called to the world’s attention the critical challenges of burgeoning population and limited carrying capacity. In this interview, he recounts seminal experiences of his young life as a farmer and predicts that the critical next challenge that will challenge human civilization is that of water depletion and climate change.

RANDY HAYESRandy Hayes, founder of Rain Forest Action Network and more recently Foundation Earth, describes his pathway to a deep caring for the Earth through his study under the Navajo elders, one of which was 102, in the Four Corners area of the Southwest. From there, he studied under the elders of the Amazonian rainforest and thus began his career in protection of the environment. During the interview he explains what he calls biospheric literacy and the need for cost accounting in our economic calculations that include the environment.

WILL TAEGELAs we are initiated into being elders and as we face the task of being creative instead of stagnant, Nature provides us with a lost language. It is the language of the ancients and of the newer sciences, but, more important, it is the language of our childhood. This conversation with Will Taegel takes us on a wild and wonderful journey to discovering what Carl Jung called “the natural human within.” As we recover this wild heart, we tap into the possibilities that lie waiting for us. Most importantly, as we learn to speak this mother tongue we unveil the potential of a legacy to offer our children and grandchildren to seven generations in the future.

DON MIGUEL RUIZIn his book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel gifted us with wisdom that sold over 5 million copies and has been translated into 38 languages. In this interview he shares his insights about death and dying, including his own brush with death during his heart attack and heart transplant 5 years ago. Now, through this conversation with his stellar student, HeatherAsh Amara, we receive a glimpse into the power and potential of a mentoring relationship. They talk about the ins and outs of an evolving relationship over time. More than a tale about a guru and student, this story is about a wise elder who knows how to lead a student into maturity and service. In so doing this tandem leads us into the possibility not only of personal transformation but the mastery of love itself.

ERVIN LASZLOIn this interview, we have a rare opportunity to connect with one of the parents of information and systems theory. More than that we will engage Ervin at his best with one of his outstanding students, Gyorgyi Szabo. Every day we are flooded with so-called information, but Ervin and Gyorgyi take us into fields of energetic information that open the door for our own evolution and, perhaps even more important, that enable us to immerse ourselves in the very substance of the cosmos. With these two guides we learn how an informational field can explain why our universe is fine-tuned to form galaxies, life-forms, and you. Our Universe, according to these two leading systems scientists, is not random but rather is formed to inform and transform.

GYORGYI SZABOIn this interview, we have a rare opportunity to connect with one of the parents of information and systems theory. More than that we will engage Ervin at his best with one of his outstanding students, Gyorgyi Szabo. Every day we are flooded with so-called information, but Ervin and Gyorgyi take us into fields of energetic information that open the door for our own evolution and, perhaps even more important, that enable us to immerse ourselves in the very substance of the cosmos. With these two guides we learn how an informational field can explain why our universe is fine-tuned to form galaxies, life-forms, and you. Our Universe, according to these two leading systems scientists, is not random but rather is formed to inform and transform.

This conversation builds a bridge between mistakes we have made—ones that caused us to doubt ourselves and maybe the worthiness of our lives—and a deep belief that we can matter. To quote Jerry Strickland in his own words:”I would like to show that you can make mistakes and that you can recover from them. Life is really a building process. And you can never give up on yourself.” This aspiration and inspiration shines through in Strickland’s dialogue, which carries a potency and credibility coming as it does from an entrepreneur who hit bottom with addiction, yet from that low point built a company that not only sold for 1/2 billion dollars but also contributed to turnarounds to help businesses live as better partners with the environment. Our aim here is not to keep wisdom but to build back and then share it widely.

CHARLES CONATSERDr. Conatser speaks about an initiation that began for him with a serious illness, one that led him to a healing circle that held a rich core of shamanism. His healing from the illness included breaking free from being a workaholic as a mathematician and systems consultant into a life of purpose and service. Conatser explores the stages of recovery, connecting with a “spirit helper,” integrating quantum physics with ancient wisdom, and the role of altered states in enriching life. Can life itself initiate us into the practice of eldering? Do we need mentors to show us the way? Is it possible to discover our life’s calling even if it's late in the game? For this leg of the journey? These are questions to move us along the bridge from here to a larger there.

STAN GROFKnown the world over as one of the elders who gave us transpersonal psychology, who is celebrated as the creator of holotropic breathing, and who is venerated as our foremost guide in spiritual emergencies, Stan Grof is a global treasure. In this conversation he offers insight into non-ordinary states of consciousness as a link into the domain from where we can heal some of our deepest wounds. This healing can allow us to be fully present for our children and grandchildren, for those experiencing serious illness, and for friends and family seeking a consciousness in the mature stages of life. How can we recover from the loss of loved ones? How can we fully embrace life and also learn the little lessons that prepare us for the great journey described by the word “death?” Strong hints—if not answers—are explored

ANDREW HARVEYIn this dynamic and inspiring program, Andrew Harvey, poet and mystic, invites us into his remarkable past - his early life in India, his youth and collage years in England and his return to India where he experienced some of his first and most powerful mystical experiences, experiences that have informed and enriched so much of the invaluable work he does in the world today and the many people who so admire him.   This is an impassioned conversation in which Andrew talks about the role and the value of the elder, the critical part they can play in returning our world to sanity and the new and deeper kind of connection the can make with themselves and with the Divine that will allow them to Light The Flame through prayer and to write a new and more valuable blueprint for themselves and the generations who will follow.

JOAN BORSYNKOIn this program Joan Borysenko, one of the leading authorities on stress, spirituality and the mind/body connection, talks about her life, some of the seminal moments that have impacted her career decisions and she does this with her refreshing brand of honesty and transparency that makes her so beloved by her readers and audiences. She also provides insights on some of her books and her new, innovative work on wellness and diet represented by her latest book, The Planet Plus Diet Solution.   Warm, engaging and informative and especially relevant to the Wisdom Summit’s audience in things that will help them to live more consciously and age wisely and well.

STEVE FARRELLAs the Worldwide Coordinating Director of Humanity’s Team, the organization that hosts the Annual Global Oneness Day and a number of other valuable grassroots initiatives that advance the theme of Oneness in practical ways, Steve shares some of the reasons Humanity’s Team has become such a potent force in over 150 countries and why he believes it takes more than vision and commitment, it takes the continual practice of a set of core values and operating principles to model the change organizations wish to make. Steve also talks about his success in building two high growth technology companies and how this experience has led him to do the kind of valuable work he now does in the world. And he talks about the role elders can play in creating a saner, sustainable and compassionate world.

KEN WILBERKen Wilber is considered by many to be the most comprehensive philosophical thinker of our times. He is the originator of Integral Theory, which incorporates cultural studies, anthropology, systems theory, developmental psychology, biology, and spirituality into a comprehensive philosophy. Integral Theory aims to enrich all disciplines by examining how each fits in relation to all the others. It has been applied in fields as diverse as ecology, sustainability, psychotherapy, psychiatry, education, business, medicine, politics, sports and art. With 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America.  Ken Wilber is also founder of the Integral Institute and co-founder of Integral Life, a social media hub dedicated to sharing the integral vision with a worldwide community. Wilber is the inaugural Chancellor for Ubiquity University. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

JIM GARRISON WEBDr. Jim Garrison served as President and Chairman of Wisdom University (now the Wisdom School of Graduate Studies) from 2005–2012, and is now President of Ubiquity University, an international school dedicated to changing the fundamental nature of education, making it more relevant to the world we live in and making it much more accessible financially to students around the world. Previously, he founded and served as President of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA and the State of the World Forum, both San Francisco-based non-profit institutions created to establish a global network of leaders dedicated to creating a more sustainable global civilization.

TILAK FERNANDOTens of thousands of people around the world have met with Tilak over the past three decades. They describe his presence as an energetic gateway that has transformed their lives. Tilak's presence opens a unique inner space that allows people to experience a new lightness in their body, mind and emotions.  Tilak offers a rare opportunity to experience wonder as you open to your own brilliance and life becomes as innocent and delightful as child's play.

KEN FOSTERAs one of the country’s leading figures in the science of wealth attraction and elevating consciousness Ken D Foster is a highly sought after resource for those looking to transcend their issues with money. He is a best-selling author with over two decades of business mentoring, key note speaking, and professional coaching experience. Over the last 20 years Ken has worked with thousands of clients who have increased their awareness, changed viewpoints and have transcended their limitations around business and money. Ken is a master at guiding clients to find the deep answers to their greatest challenges by showing them how to apply scientific methods to realize peace, abundance, joy, and fulfillment. Ken has also inspired CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs to reconnect with their higher calling, change viewpoints, and finally transcend their limitations for becoming exponentially more profitable. Through his proven scientific approach, he helps his audiences see the Unseeable, know the Unknowable and do the Impossible to have life-long fulfillment in business and life. Ken led industry development by co-founding San Diego’s professional coaching chapter in 1994 and in 2000 helped invent the tele-seminar industry through his first ever Global Business Conferences which featured extensive interviews with multi-millionaires. In all Ken interviewed over 800 masters of the science of achievement and has profound knowledge that he applies in his life daily and teaches others to do the same.

HOWARD MARTINHoward Martin is one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath and has been with the organization since its inception in 1991 serving as a key spokesperson and executive. In 1999 he co-authored with Doc Childre, The HeartMath Solution, published by HarperSanFrancisco , considered to be a classic and the definitive work on the intelligence of the heart.

Howard has also played a key role in launching the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

During his career with HeartMath and the Global Coherence Initiative, Howard has been instrumental in delivering practical, yet dynamic programs to tens of thousands of people in audiences world-wide. Because of his universal appeal, he has conducted keynote presentations and training programs for Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, all four branches of the U.S. military, school systems, ecumenical organizations and for publicly promoted events in over 50 cities on four continents.

SHERRY ANDERSONSherry Anderson is an elder deeply engaged in the spiritual dimension of what she calls “Ripening Time,” the title of her new book, which provides inside stories for aging with grace. For nearly 20 years she has been a senior teacher of the Diamond Approach, a Sufi inspired process of spiritual development founded by A. H. Almaas. She is the co-author of The Feminine Face of God, The Cultural Creatives, and a short film A Woman’s Descent to the Sacred. In this interview she speaks to the importance of questions rather than answers and humility as the gateway to true elderhood, and shows how growing into old age can be a fruition and a gift.

LARRY WINTERSIn a spirited dialogue Larry Winters speaks to the making and un-making of a marine; the devastation of war for both combat vets and civilians; and the long journey home. Larry Winters draws on both his experience as a combat veteran and as a long time psychotherapist to point to a transformative link in healing the wounds of war. The key, according to Larry, is community. He tells about his finding a community closely connected to nature and about his beginning to give and receive love in his return to the cycle of respected life. He takes us back to Viet Nam where he reached out and connected with the former enemy in a moving moment that may move us to retrieving that part of our souls lost, bit-by-bit in our many wars.

JUDITH YOSTJudith Yost was diagnosed with a serious form of breast cancer in the Winter of 2014. The process of healing and transformation began in the shock and disbelief and continued to the last treatment. In this interview you will look intimately into a twisting pathway, its ups-and-downs, and moments of celebration and grief. You will catch glimpses of the integration of the resources of the oncological, medical model with alternative healing--including meditation, acupuncture, diet, exercise, Earth-based and nonlocal healing, and other resources. Interviewing Judith is her spouse of 40 years, Will Taegel. Together they open new dimensions of love that can emerge in the midst of a serious illness. If you have ever wrestled with a challenging illness yourself or with a loved one, you will want to tune in to this moving interview.

Plus Receive These Additional Bonuses Included with Any of the Upgrade Options You Choose


"Women Who Dare" Ebook by Gail Sheehy  $9.97 Value

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 8.38.40 AMA world-renowned author, journalist, and popular lecturer, Gail Sheehy has changed 
 the way millions of women and men around the globe look at their lives. In her 50 years as a writer, she has interviewed thousands of women and men 
 and written 17 books.

Her earliest revolutionary book, Passages, which explored the predictable crises 
 of adult development, was named by the Library of Congress as one of the ten most influential books of our times. In later books, including The Silent Passages and Sex and The Seasoned Woman, Gail dared to place a spotlight on taboo 
 subjects like menopause and the sexuality of older women.

"The Scent of Trust" Exclusive 53 Minute Video with Tilak $19.97 Value

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.09.24 AM

As a child in Sri Lanka,Tilak Fernando displayed an extraordinary way of making people feel joyful and vibrant. He playfully observed and interacted with subtle waves that disappeared in the flash of a vanishing point to his delight and fascination. While a student in advanced level studies, an accident changed the direction of his life, allowing his full Presence to emerge. As a result, he inspired thousands throughout the country as a teacher, wayshower, and mentor.  Tilak offers a rare opportunity to experience wonder as you open to your own brilliance and life becomes as innocent and delightful as child's play.

"The best thing that ever happened in life is that it happened to be you who is you and no one else."

27 Flavors of Fulfillment Ebook - $9.97 Value

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 11.36.22 AMIn this compelling look at life, 27 expert authors share their deepest insights and vast wisdom on what it means to live a fulfilling life. Packed with real world examples and personal stories, this book shows a way to solve the problems of inner conflict, depression, career, relationships, and health crises. Each chapter shares a new viewpoint on how it’s possible to live an abundant, healthy, happy, and meaningful life, no matter the circumstances. In this book you will get hundreds of brand new ideas on how to positively impact your personal and professional life and the lives of your loved ones. Your are invited to never settle for anything less than your life's greatest and most fulfilling purpose again! You’ll learn Meditation practices, steps for enjoying a deeper connection to the Divine, manifestation techniques, discovering your true self-worth, enhancing intimate relationships, co-creating a higher level of inner peace, and fulfilling your life’s purpose. It shows how a higher level of thinking - in harmony with our life’s purpose - can lead to lasting happiness. As an added value and thank you to the reader, you will find $716.00 in valuable bonuses in the back of the book offered by many of the contributing authors to help support your continued journey to true happiness. As an owner of this book, you will get these bonuses absolutely free.


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